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West Lake Hills Cosmetic, Laser and Implant Dentist in Austin, Texas - Dr. Tor Gotun, MAGD


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Put your dental care in the hands of a TRUSTED EXPERT! Choose one of the TOP NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED dentists in Austin and Central Texas, Dr. Tor Gotun, with training in 17 dental disciplines and over 3000 hours of post-doctorate education. One of the best in the country, he is a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry & a recipient of two Lifelong Learning & Service Recognition awards. There have been only a handful of dentists in Texas in 60 years to ever earn such a high honor. 

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You Deserve the Best Dental Care. Experience & Excellence Matters. 

Welcome to Austin Smile Creations, where you will receive comprehensive and personalized dental care from an award-winning Austin dentist , Dr. Tor Gotun. With the whole body approach to dentistry, an outstanding skill set and cutting-edge technology to properly diagnose problems, perform any dental work needed, and educate patients, you are guaranteed to have an experience like no other. With over 30 years of dental experience under our belt, you can rest assured that our services are a cut above the rest, and you will be so happy you have discovered our practice.

If you are looking for basic, average dentistry - we might not be the right choice for you, but if you are looking for a dentist in Austin who offers top quality modern and personalized dental care, then Austin Smile Creations is your best bet. Having served West Lake Hills community for over 20 years, we have a unique combination of years of experience and education that is unrivaled in Austin and Central Texas. Our West Lake general & cosmetic dentistry provides an array of dental services—with the best dental solutions on the market, we can give anyone a dazzling healthy smile!  Seeing one patient at time, we provide answers to your questions and a real interest in your long-term health in a calm and friendly setting. It's simple - we treat you how we want to be treated!

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Why Choose Us? Our Reputation Speaks for Itself. Quality Never Goes out of Style.

Most often patients find us when they are tired of quick-fixes that have been done over the years and simply don't work. Sometimes, the extent of their dental problems is so profound and complex that they know they need lots of work and need to go to multiple specialists to get anything done. In our dental practice Dr.Gotun brings it all together in one place and works with every patient individually to help them resolve all their issues and create a healthy smile for life. We can perform all aspects of dentistry and help plan all treatment from both financial and time point of view, as well as save you both.  From implants and bone grafting to smile makeovers with porcelain crowns and veneers - we are qualified to do it all. We can combine many specialized treatments into one appointment ( they used to take months before), which is unique, because it is like having several dental specialists working on you at the same time. This makes the process of treatment faster, more predictable and the outcomes better. We truly believe that we offer the best value in modern dentistry, while going out of our way to ensure the patient's comfort.

At our Westlake dental practice you do not just get a pretty smile. Here we help you achieve a healthy natural smile that is uniquely yours that will last you a lifetime. We use cutting-edge technology, the best, verified and trusted techniques, methods and materials, distilled by over 30 years of outstanding experience and excellence in dentistry, to ensure the most successful results. We rely on in-depth diagnostics to find true causes and solutions to problems. We do thorough long-term treatment planning with your occlusion ( bite) and anatomy in mind to make sure your investment doesn't just look good for a while, but looks good and functions properly for life.

Here, dental care is what we believe it should be. Anxiety-free space, opening an honest discussion about your long-term health goals, where every member of our team is a friend. Many of our patients have been with us for over 20 years and some travel from other states to see Dr.Gotun. We have had the privilege to serve many Westlake Hills residents for 22 years and we hope you will join our dental family too!

Digital Dentistry

Our West Lake Hills dental office provides expert care for the whole family - a wide range of services for patients at varying stages of oral health. From your kids to aging parents - we can help. If you are in need of preventative dentistry or have a dental emergency, we can help. If you need to improve the look or functionality of your smile, we can help. If you want a complete smile makeover, we can help. If you are missing teeth and want dental implants, we can help. Utilizing the most advanced digital dentistry we can do it all, painlessly and conveniently for you. Here you will find the best answers for your implant, cosmetic and general dentistry needs and desires!

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Austin Smile Creations offers the following dental services in Westlake and Austin:

Complete Smile Makeovers or Full-Mouth Rehabilitations:  being on the cutting edge of technology and latest techniques in dentistry, we can complete a full smile makeover in our office, in just a few visits. Whether you would like to improve your smile aesthetically, or replace missing teeth or correct an underlying TMJ issue- Dr. Gotun, our Austin dentist, is a well-known expert in smile makeovers who can change your life.

Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry: From teeth whitening to veneers, crowns, and implants, our dentist will help you obtain a more beautiful smile.

Restorative Dentistry: We have expert knowledge and experience in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics. Crowns and bridges is where our Austin dentist Dr. Gotun truly shows his talent, artistry and craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to every detail, we make sure your crowns and bridges are nothing less than perfect. We take extra steps in the process to make sure they function properly and last far longer than average.

Laser Dentistry: Our minimally invasive dental lasers can be used in a range of dental procedures, making dental treatment a lot more effective and often allowing for reduced discomfort and a faster healing rate.

Orthodontics: Improve the look and functionality of your smile while eliminating the negative side effects of misaligned teeth. We have many years of experience working with braces for all age groups.

Endodontics: As part of our restorative dentistry services, we can perform root canals to heal damaged and infected teeth.

Advanced Oral Surgery: Our dentist offers a variety of oral surgery procedures, from wisdom teeth removal to advanced bone and soft tissue grafting and soft tissue engineering with PRP and PRGF for implant placement or general bone augmentation.

Sedation Dentistry: If you suffer from dental anxiety, we offer several convenient sedation methods to ease your experience and make sure you are comfortable at every stage.

TMJ Disorder Treatment and Neuromuscular Dentistry: we have over 30 years of experience and advanced training in occlusion to treat a comprehensive range of TMJ disorders, treating chronic migraines, clicking and popping in the jaw, tinnitus. In fact, Dr. Gotun's expertise is highly sought after and we even see patients from other states.

Low Level Laser Therapy (or Cold Laser) in Dentistry: bringing a laser revolution to Austin TX, Dr. Gotun is the only dentist in Austin practicing LLLT for treatment of TMJ disorders,  chronic migraines, faster healing time after surgeries, better implant osseointegration, pain and inflammation reduction, aphthous ulcers, herpes simplex and so much more.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our office at 512-277-5137.

Real People. Real Dental Experiences.

"It is cathartic in many ways to visit Dr. Gotun's office, you guys are like friends I see every 3-6 months. The environment has a great vibe. You all are warm, wonderful, and I don't think there is a better dentist or dental staff in the world. Thanks for all your great care and laughs. Great job! Great practice, that's why I drive 40 miles to see you all."   

Written by: Loretta, a patient of 13 years

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Contact Us.We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form.

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.

Testimonials.Read what people are saying about us.


If you are reading this testimonial, I assume you are looking to alleviate pain in one or more of your teeth or to improve your smile cosmetically. Either way you can save yourself some time, stop right now and go make an initial evaluation appointment with Dr.Gotun and his staff at their cozy, comfortable office with a relaxing peaceful view of Eanes Creek. You can search the 1200 or more listings in the Austin area and the BEST you could hope for would be to find another dentist equally as skilled and talented as Dr.Gotun. I do NOT think it is possible to get BETTER quality dental work than what you will get at this office.

The one thing that made everything so simple for me was the photographs. During the initial exam Dr.Gotun takes a series of photographs of your teeth along with x-rays. You then get to see your teeth on a laptop screen, in color, up close and larger than life. If you can live with what you see then you can count your blessings and Dr.Gotun will let you be on your way, unless of course you would like to schedule a cleaning!

In my case I could see the damage, decay and buildup from many years of poor oral hygiene and neglect. In addition to the problem teeth that brought me to the dental office I could easily see that most of my teeth were in need of some type of restoration work. Dr. Gotun has my permission to show all of my records to anyone interested in seeing them. I am sure you will be as amazed as I still am at what Dr. Gotun was able to accomplish considering the very poor condition my teeth were in at the start of the process.

The cost was substantial in my case due to amount of work that was required. However, the work was spaced out over several years which made the cost much easier to budget. Dr.Gotun was not on my dental insurance plan, so I accessed some savings and my credit to finance the work and paid it off like any other significant asset I have purchased. My teeth are the most rewarding investment I have ever made.

If I could give anyone one bit of advice other than my story, it would be “do NOT let dental insurance be the major factor that guides your decision-making”. I was never happy with any of the experiences or results I had when I tried to use the dentists that were covered under my plan. I am proof that 12 years on with regular flossing and brushing, the investment in your restoration work done by Dr.Gotun can still be yielding satisfaction and compliments from friends and random strangers.

I have never gone to bed without flossing and brushing after seeing those photographs in my initial visit. Good luck and I hope to be reading your success story here sometime in the future.

Chuck M. Austin, TX

Dr. Tor Gotun probably saved my life and he's added some years to it. You don't usually say that about your dentist, but I believe it in my case.

More than 10 years ago, after many years of neglecting my teeth and an unhealthy life style, I went to Tor, my neighborhood dentist, even though he wasn't on my State of Texas dental insurance network.

I soon learned of the challenges to getting my gums and teeth back to a healthy status. The way Tor explained it, I knew it was complex and that Tor had the skills and vision to get me there, as long as I did my part. I also knew it would take time and not be cheap.

Now, years later, I still have most of my original teeth and only a few very nice, state-of-the art crowns. I am following Tor's advice for taking care of my teeth and gums, including his regular cleaning schedule. What my dental insurance didn't cover, I was able to use Austin Smile Creations' association with Care Credit to finance the costs without any interest charges as long as I pay off balances within a year of each charge.

By the way, we had only one procedure that didn't work out as planned, but Tor made good on it and the solution turned out as good or better.

As a bonus, all of Tor's top flight members are both professional and personable, always considerate of my needs, interests, and schedule.

Bottom line, Tor is better than my expectations. He pays attention to more than just how my mouth looks; he's concerned about my overall health and how my life-style affects, and is affected by, the health of my teeth and gums.

Bill H. Austin, TX

I have been going to Dr. Gotun since he used to have his practice on William Cannon Drive ( 20 years now). Now he is located in Bee Caves. He is an excellent dentist.

The thing I like best about Tor Gotun is he is relatively pain free when administering his shots to numb your mouth. Dentists I have had before always seemed to be a bit heavy handed in this activity.

He is very up to date with modern dental technology. He can make a crown or cap in his office at the moment of your appointment and have you leave with a fully functioning mouth. I have friends who use other dentists who must wander the city of Austin for at least a week with a hollowed out molar stuffed with gauze as they await their topping to arrive by mail to their dentist's office.

The staff is very friendly, and Dr. Gotun will never talk down to you. He is very good at explaining why he is doing something or why he wants to do a procedure. He may have gotten two of my wisdom teeth, but I will still try to hold onto the remaining two regardless of his explaining the safety factors of hanging on to them as you get older.

Randy S. Austin, TX

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