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Oral Surgery

Dr. Tor Gotun's Oral Surgery Services in Austin

The professional dental team at Austin Smile Creations is dedicated to making oral health care as convenient as possible. To that end, Dr. Tor Gotun offers a full range of oral surgery services in his Austin dental office, so that you don't need to visit specialists in multiple locations. Your complete course of treatment, from diagnosis to post-surgical follow-up care, can be performed in the dental office you know and trust so that you’ll feel secure and comfortable. These procedures can be performed concurrently with periodontics, orthodontics, or other nonsurgical treatments you may need.












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Wisdom Teeth and Other Dental Extractions

Emerging in early adulthood, wisdom teeth almost always need to be extracted to prevent complications such as decay, gum inflammation and damage to neighboring teeth. When these third molars erupt fully, the extraction is a fairly simple process, but when they erupt partially or stay stuck in the bone, oral surgery is needed to remove these impacted teeth.

Wisdom teeth aren’t the only teeth that can become impacted. Canines, the pointed front teeth that are the last to emerge during childhood, can fail to erupt for a number of reasons. There are two oral surgeries that may treat impacted canines. Our Austin oral surgeon can perform a procedure to access the hidden tooth and place an orthodontic appliance to guide it into its proper place over time. If this isn’t possible, we can remove the tooth from the bone and place a dental implant and crown in the spot where the tooth should have erupted.

Dental Implant Placement

Placing dental implants is a process that can require several procedures. Because jawbone deterioration occurs after a tooth is knocked out or extracted, the first procedure performed at our Austin oral surgery office is usually bone grafting. To enhance healing and bone regrowth, we can also perform a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure. Performed right in our office, PRP involves taking a small amount of your blood from a vein, spinning the blood in a centrifuge to separate its components and placing the plasma, which contains growth factors that stimulate stem cells, at the bone grafting site. Dr. Gotun can place your dental implant immediately after these oral surgeries or at a later date. Because Dr. Gotun has the specialized knowledge to perform both oral surgery treatments and general dental procedures, you can rest easy knowing that your restoration can be completed at one location with a familiar and friendly dental team.



Oral Pathology

Bumps, cysts, thickenings, scaly patches and sores in the mouth do not necessarily indicate oral cancer, but Dr. Gotun will quickly give you a diagnosis so that you can take the appropriate next steps. Highly-skilled at detecting oral cancers and other disease processes at the earliest stages, Dr. Gotun can perform a biopsy of any suspicious lesions and arrange for further surgeries and oncological treatment as necessary.

Other Oral Surgeries

Many oral health issues can be addressed with conservative treatments rather than surgery. For instance, Dr. Gotun can create oral appliances to treat sleep apnea or alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder with Botox injections. However, minimally invasive treatments don’t always provide relief, so surgery is usually the next step. Our oral surgery services in Austin, TX, include:

• Evaluation for orthognathic surgery for TMJ dysfunction and sleep apnea

• Repair of hard and soft tissues of the face and mouth following facial trauma

• Apicoectomy for a failed root canal treatment

Comprehensive Oral Surgery in Austin, TX

Your oral health can have far-reaching effects on your overall health, so contact Austin Smile Creations for a full evaluation of any painful or unusual symptoms affecting your jaws, face, teeth or soft tissues of the mouth. Taking a whole-body approach, Austin oral surgeon, Dr. Tor Gotun will present all of your options and help you make informed treatment decisions.